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I met Dr. Jon and Dr. Kori in 2004 just before the birth of my first child and they have been wonderful all of those years. The office has a very friendly and relaxed vibe and they heal AND educate. My migraines are few and far between now and when I do get one I know that it can be cured with an adjustment. My children...n enjoy the "popcorn" when they get adjusted, they have no fear. All 3 of them have been adjusted by Dr. Jon and Dr. Kori from birth. – Alyssa W.


I love Health for Life Chiropractic. They are very caring chiropractors. I even get follow-up calls to make sure I am doing ok. Drs. Jon and Kori Sprintz go above and beyond to ensure you receive the best care possible. I highly recommend EVERYONE to Health for Life Chiropractic. They will treat you like family and take splendid care of you!  - Mikel C.


From skeptic to believer in chiropractic: Three years ago I walked into HFL with chronic neck pain that I had just learned to live with. It was just part of life. I thought chiropractic care was... well, nonsense. I couldn't be happier to have been proven WRONG. Drs. Jon and Kori care enough about their patients to educate them as well as heal them. They have transformed both my quality of life and my opinion of chiropractic care. I no longer have neck and back issues that sideline me for days at a time. Thanks, Health for Life!   - Jason A.


I have known the Health for Life family since 2006, I have worked for them and now I am a lifetime patient. It is amazing how chiropractic can change your life. When I first started getting adjusted i was suffering from stomach problems due to many medications to treat migraines. I was surprised how fast my stomach problems stopped, and it made my head feel better. Dr. Kori and Dr. Jon are the best doctors I know and believe me I have seen many over the years. I now have fewer migraines and no stomach problems to speak of. I feel blessed to have found such caring people that truly care about you, and they do care. My whole family gets adjusted, my son is now 8 years old and he loves getting adjusted. No matter what kind of issue I have I feel comfortable knowing that they are always close and ready to help me. Thank you Health for Life for making my life and my family's life so much better.  – Elora W.


Amazing chiropractic services... love Dr. Jon and Dr. Kori. They sincerely care about your health and wellbeing and are just overall great people. My family of 4 has been seeing them since my 4 yr old was 1 yr and my 1 yr old was 2 months....love them!!!!  - Reagan L.


Many of my patients & coworkers see the chiropractors at Health for life & are very very happy with their experience there -- if you need some chiropractic work seek them out.  - Dr. Christine Brass-Jones, M.D. – Center for True Harmony and Wellness


Three years ago when I first met Dr. Jon at a health and wellness fair, I knew it was time for a change. I had chiropractic care for many years, but was being treated for the same problems over and over again. After just a few visits at Health for Life, those problems permanently became a thing of the past. Drs. Jon and Kori are truly devoted to their patients and have many times gone the extra mile to see to it that they can do all that is possible to help. There is camaraderie in the office that makes it seem more like family than just a doctor's office. I never hesitate to recommend them whenever I get the chance!  - Ann B.


Dr. Jon and Dr. Kori are like none other! A little over a year ago I started going to see them and then I was in a wreck. I really believe that without them I would have been taking pain killers instead of feeling better. I was there pretty much every day of the week for a while and now I am only there when I need it, which is not very often. Traci is also a very good massage therapist; I would recommend her to anyone! I feel like family when I go into the office with Heather's always bright and shining smile. I know I can always call at the last minute to get in. I would never go anywhere else! If you are looking for a great place to feel great, this is the place!  - Christie S.


My daughter and I have been coming to Health for Life Chiropractic since we first moved to AZ in 2006. Dr. Jon and Dr. Kori are awesome! They truly care about their patients. I love the relaxed atmosphere of the office and the multitude of services offered. I love that they take the time to listen and get to know each person that comes into their office and make them feel like part of the family. Thank you for all that you've done!  - Andrea M.


This amazing duo rocks the chiropractic world! Each with their unique touch, the healing Dr Kori and Dr Jon provide for each and every one their clients is tailored just for them. And then there is their staff - AMAZING!!! Traci's hands (she is an LMT and Reiki and CS expert) are magical and the front office team always have a smile! Thanks Health for Life for all you do to promote wellness in the East Valley!  - Wendi Cleckner, CPM LM  – Freedom and the Seed


I was introduced to Dr. Kori and Dr. Jon through a family member. After some convincing, I made an appointment to meet with them and chat about all of the benefits of chiropractic care. Over the last few years, Drs. Kori and Jon have helped me continue my recovery from a motorcycle accident in 2006. In 2007, while vacationing in Mexico, I injured my shoulder and back on an off-road cart. We called them as soon as we reached the border and they were willing to stay a little late in the office to take x-rays and evaluate my injury. I am thankful for knowing such caring people who are compassionate about my health and personal well-being. Even at times when I have been uninsured I have looked to Health for Life for treatment and care. Thank you for being such a valuable resource in my life! – Jacy S.


We are winter visitors and can't wait to get out here for 2 reasons: the weather and Dr. Jon! I always feel better and younger. Dr. Jon, can I take you home with me to Chicago?  Linn M.


Dr. Jon and Dr. Kori are awesome. I have had the most wonderful care there. They are doctors yes, but they are more like family. I am relaxed going there and look forward to my adjustments. I have had several major issues over the years and Dr. Jon has literally kept me out of surgery. The massages are so relaxing and have great healing power. I cannot thank Dr. Jon and Kori enough. Bless you both.  – Julie R.


In the 20+ years I've been seeing chiropractors for my arthritis, scoliosis and spondylolisthesis issues, I've never had a chiropractor use the effective traction adjustment Dr. Jon does for me. I know he's part of the reason my migraine-like headaches are fewer. Beyond Dr. Jon and Kori's abilities and insights, though, they genuinely and actively care for their patients like family. I've recommended Health for Life to so many friends - just wish I could see Jon weekly to keep my neck in even better shape. Chiropractic is a choice for taking control of your health, and Health for Life is the smartest chiropractic choice I've ever made!  - Rose J.


Behind every great practice or business is a core of people. Dr. Jon and Dr. Kori are that core at Health for Life. They have an un-wavering desire to heal the whole person. Their personal touch and friendship have been such an important part of our lives. As they have grown their practice they have continued to surround themselves with people who are like them and who enhance the environment. It is an honor to be a part of their lives. We love Health for Life!! – Harvey Y.


Dr. Jon and Dr. Kori have been absolute lifesavers!! When I first came to them, I couldn't turn my head after an injury that happened several years prior. I'd tried all the regular doctor stuff, that didn't require them sticking needles in my neck! Blech! Slowly but surely they fixed me! I now have almost full range of motion in my neck, and far less back pain in general! They also began treating my son when he was 4. He had been placed on sleeping medication by his pediatrician for difficulty falling asleep, and waking up with nightmares. After the first couple adjustments we were able to take him off the medication and the difference in him was amazing. He's now a healthy and happy 8 year old, that informs me when it's time for him to go see Dr. Jon, by saying, "Mom, I started having nightmares again, I think it's time to go get adjusted."  Jon and Kori are like family to us. We've got 4 kiddos, and our newborns have gone to see them in their first weeks of life. I bring in a constipated baby; I end up with a full diaper before we even get loaded in the car! I've got so many examples of the ways they've kept my entire family healthy and happy, but I'll wrap it up and just say: You have got to go to them, even if you don't think you need a chiropractor... trust me, you do!!  - Ashley A.



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