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If I Knew Then What I Know Now

Due to the demographics of our office location we see a lot of older people. Without hesitation the number one thing they say to me about their health is “if I knew then what I know now I would have taken better care of myself”.

For example, today I saw a lady with COPD. She can barely breathe. When she was young smoking was socially acceptable, marketed as “cool” to kids and adults and the harmful effects weren’t as well-known as they are today. So she smoked. She hasn’t smoked in 20 years but is now suffering the consequences of the choices she made while she was growing up. She spent her entire life savings treating her illness and has to rely on other people to help her with even the basic human needs.

Another older lady came in and was sad. Her husband is dying from diabetes. She was upset because when they were younger they weren’t aware of all the dangers of eating certain foods. She wishes people would become more educated and feed themselves and their families differently so they don’t regret it later on in life when the results are irreversible.

My point is, change your lifestyle now.

Growing old can be a difficult process. Why make it harder than it has to be. Changing your lifestyle will not only increase the length of your life but will improve the quality of life as well. People that are healthier are happier, have less anxiety and depression, have less pain, sleep better, move faster and have less chronic debilitating diseases now and in the future.

My two rules:

  1. I never eat more than I burn. Could you imagine if you put more gas in your car than there was room for in the tank? It would be a waste. The difference is the human body stores the extra fuel you put in as fat and saves it for later. I only put it what I need.
  2. Never go to bed without exercising. This means if it’s 10 at night and I haven’t worked out than I’m working out. 95% of the time I work out in the morning so it isn’t an issue. Getting moving keeps you moving.

Follow these two rules every day and you will live longer and feel healthier.

Be healthy.


Dr. Jon

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