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The Core is The Key

What many people don’t realize is that every motion in the body begins in the core. Whether you are hitting a golf ball, swinging a bat swimming, sitting, running, jumping, playing an instrument, or even just getting up and down the core should initiate and support every motion. A weak core attributes to the majority of the spinal problems we see in our office.

The core should be the strongest area of the body. Think of the body like a tree. In our analogy the legs and the pelvis are like the roots, the shoulders, arms and head are like the canopy and the trunk is like the core and spine. The only connection between the upper and lower parts of the tree is the trunk just like the spine in the body. Without a strong trunk the canopy won’t be supported properly and the tree becomes unstable and can bend, grow crooked, or even break.  

So what can we do to strengthen the core?
1)    Remember the core isn’t just the abdominal muscles, it is also the three layers of obliques on the sides and the five layers of musculature in the lower back.
2)    When engaging the core bring the belly button in and up.
3)    We need to consciously think about initiating all movements with the core and continually engage the core during all postures from sitting, to walking, standing, turning, exercising etc... This is your homework: Think about engaging the core consistently for three weeks and engaging the core will become a subconscious behavior. Your core will become stronger than you could ever imagine.
4)    Don’t “plop” when you sit. Engage the core and sit slowly.  
5)    When sitting put your palms facing up on your lap, bring your hands outward until they won’t go out any more and then put your hands face down on your lap without moving you’re your shoulders. This is perfect posture and your core is engaged.

It is normal to feel sore after you beginning consistently strengthening the core. It is a weak group of muscles on people. Stick with it and not only will you have less pain and feel stronger but your overall health should begin to improve dramatically.

Would you like an easy core strengthening exercise to start with? Try this one:


Have a healthy day,

Dr. Jon

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