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21 Day Cleanse Testimonial from one of our patients

I took the 21 day challenge… the 21 day cleanse.  I always felt that I was eating fairly healthy with the exception of a few snacking urges here and there throughout the day. I wasn’t aware that the items I was consuming on a regular basis were that bad for me.  When I committed to trying this 21 day cleanse I did it more or less to see if I could have the will power to stick to something for 21 days.  Not going to lie, the first three to five days were tough as I had to stick to a vegan diet of fruit and vegetable only and a few protein shakes throughout the day.  I missed my morning coffee and felt quite tired and sluggish to start. My body was in detox and I was moody and had headaches too.  I had to give up all the things I love to eat: coffee, bread, milk, cheese, pasta, chips, beer, wine, and anything from a box!

The change in my life was amazing… I never had a starving hungry feeling in my stomach.  Eating as many vegetables and half the servings of fruits kept me full all day.  After about one week I noticed that I was sleeping sound at night. Getting a good night’s sleep and feeling well rested was something I had been missing in my life.  After about 10 days I was feeling good mentally (about having the will power to stay strict with the diet as outlined) and feeling great physically (no more artificial crap in my diet). No bloating, no headaches, and lots of energy… all from Vegetables and Fruit!  It was a special treat to reintroduce the lean meat on day 11. I felt like royalty getting to eat Wild Cod and Farm Raised Chicken.
Doing this cleanse has changed my life. I look at food differently and I pay attention now to what goes into my body.  In 21 days I lost 6-8 pounds. People noticed and commented on how great I looked and wondered what I was doing.  This 21 day cleanse or purification process is a great way to hit the “restart” button on your body and your way of life.  I’m so glad I did it and I would do it again!  Even now nearly 4 weeks after I completed the program, I have maintained my weight and continued to make healthy choices.  I’m happy with this positive change in my life and I can only recommend that everyone take a risk, try it and make a positive change in their life too.  Thank you Dr. Kori and Dr. Jon for giving me the confidence and support to take the 21 day challenge!

Melanie Dunmar

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