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21 Day Cleanse


From Lent to Yom Kippur and Ramadan, most religions and cultures of the world have cleanses and fasts for a good reason. The cause of most diseases that occur are because of too much of something in our environment or not enough of something else. Full body cleanses help restart the body, like rebooting a computer and get all of the processes that occur within us functioning normally again.

With any good cleanse, the first part is usually a detoxification. The goal is to only put in a person’s body what we know everyone can digest without having a reaction. This includes omitting dairy, most grains, processed foods, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, Tobacco and animal products. People can eat veggies, fruits, quinoa, lentils, coconut milk and other certain fats. The first phase should include a good protein supplement, digestive supplements to cleanse the digestive tract and a cleanse supplement that detoxifies the cells and organs of the body.

The second part is a reintroduction. In this phase we reintroduce lean meats and some grains. We also add vital nutrients the body needs to build healthy tissue and perform healthy body functions.

We have being using the Standard Process 21 Day Cleanse in our office. Our patients love it.

Here are some of the benefits they are experiencing.

  • They are losing weight
  • overall feeling much better
  • enjoying increased mental clarity
  • sleeping better
  • feeling less bloated
  • having less joint discomfort
  • their skin is clearing up
  • they are less fatigued
  • their allergies are improving
  • their digestive tracts are normalizing

It has been incredible to witness and see the health of our patients improve in such a short time.

Cleansing takes a lot of support from family and commitment. The changes that occur in the body can be life transforming. If you have any questions about cleaning email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at (480) 610-5433.

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