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You Think It Doesn't Matter What you Think? Think Again!


We all know that the digestive system breaks the food we eat and the water we drink down into molecules that are absorbed into our blood streams. These molecules are used by cells, tissues and organs for energy, growth and repair. It is a fact that the better product we put into our body the more efficient our body functions.

A little less known fact is that our emotions are molecules too. Serotonin for example, is a molecule that makes us feel happy, epinephrine makes us feel excited and melatonin relaxes our bodies and helps us sleep. The amount of these molecules in our blood at any given time is controlled by our perceptions of the environment around us from our past experiences.

For example, two people are at a wedding. One is having a fantastic time and loves weddings because they were recently married. The other is having an awful time and hates weddings because they were recently divorced. The two people are experiencing the same event at the same time but are perceiving the event quite differently. The hypothalamus in the brain of the happy person perceives the event as joyful and sends a molecule to the pituitary gland which triggers the release of hormone molecules to be sent to the adrenal glands to secrete serotonin. This in turn gives the person a sense of ecstasy. The other person may secrete epinephrine from the adrenals which makes them feel nervous and anxious.

So here is a trick. When you notice you are perceiving an event in a negative way flip it. Try to think about it in a positive way by giving the situation the benefit of the doubt. What do I mean? If a person just cut you off in traffic, instead of letting it anger you, imaging that maybe they are on the way to the hospital to deliver a baby. If a customer service representative is impatient imagine that maybe their kids are at home sick with a sitter, they aren't feeling well and haven't slept in two days. If the older gentleman walking in front of you is walking too slowly and you are in a hurry imagine that his wife may have just passed away.

Changing your perception of a situation changes the molecules you secrete. This in turn changes the way your body functions and regulates. Change your perception of situations from a negative perception to a positive perception consistently and often and it will become a habit. Just like eating well, this habit will help you live a longer, healthier and more fulfilled life.  

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