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Can A Good Squeeze Help Prevent Cancer?

In the believe it or not category of scientific research, a study released at the end of 2012 by a team of scientists at UC Berkeley shows that mechanical forces to breast tissue can reduce the way malignant tumor cells react and can turn them back into normal functioning cells.


According to the study malignant cells haven't forgotten how to be healthy they just need the right stimuli to guide them back to a healthy pattern. The environment that a cell inhabits plays a huge role in what it will become, how it may mutate and how it will organize no matter the genetics of the tissue.


For a long time scientists have known that physical force and pressure can create huge changes in the body. For example, the force of gravity against our frame over time can make us shorter. The scientist compressed malignant tumor cells in the early growth phase and stopped the growth of the cell. The cells actually converted back into healthy cells over time. Once the force was removed, the cells still grew normally. This process happens without chemicals and without manipulating the genes at all.


This study could be very helpful in the treatment of cancer. But it in no way gives your significant other a license to grab.


For more about this study, click here.

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