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Big Mistakes Healthy People Make

Are you making any of this mistakes?

  • You don't socialize enough! Studies show that connecting with others in social gatherings is good for your health.
  • You don't get enough Zzzzzz's- Studies show you need at least 7 hours of sleep per night.
  • You get unnecessary tests. CT Scans and MRI's expose you to a lot of radiation. Equivalent to 25-50 Chest X-Rays.
  • You get antibiotics every time you're sick. Unless you have a raging bacterial infection, the only thing antibiotics are doing is weakening your immune system and killing good bacteria.
  • You're a germaphobe. Wash your hands in soap and water, but don't make your environment so sterile you're not exposed to any bacteria. Some is good for you.
  • You exercise alone to shed pounds. You must reduce calorie intake too!
  • You still don't eat your fruits/veggies! Eat @ least 5 per day! It reduces risk of heart disease and cancer. Check out our Greens First!
  • You don't have healthy friends. Obesity, smoking & even happiness spread through social networks. Be friends w/ people whose health habits you'd like to emulate.

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