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Battle Your Allergies Naturally

Ten Ways to Stop Allergies.... Naturally!

So many of us suffer from allergies.  Pollen, dander and dust just to name a few.  If you are not native to Arizona, you are even more likely to be affected by the seasonal changes in the air.  Here are a few simple changes you can make in your life and environment to help alleviate allergies:

  1. Wear a mask!  Not all of the time...that would be weird.  However, wearing a simple filter mask while doing yard work, gardening, or cleaning in dusty conditions can prevent allergens from entering your nose.
  2. Lather up at night.  Pollen often gets trapped in your hair throughout the day, especially if you use products like gel or hairspray.  This will help prevent allergens accumulating on your pillowcase.
  3. Relax!  Research has shown that allergy sufferers have increased symptoms if they are under stress.  Take some time for yourself to de-stress.  Whether that means soaking in a hot tub, meditating, or getting a relaxation massage, reducing the stress in your life will help alleviate allergies.
  4. Keep your sniffer clean!  Allergens stick to the inside of your nose just like bugs stick to a windshield.  Using a simple saline rinse (NeilMed) or Neti pot with your own saline rinse will usually do the trick.  To make your own saline rinse, following these instructions:
    ½ to 1 teaspoon non-iodized salt
    Pinch of baking soda (to prevent burning – can increase the amount as needed)
    1 cup of warm water (filtered or previously boiled water)
  5. Try a natural allergy spray.  At Health for Life, we carry SafeCare Rx allergy spray specifically for this region (desert).  Just a few sprays in your mouth on days you are feeling the effects of allergies can provide immediate relief.
  6. Boil your sheets.  Well, not really.  But do wash them in the hottest water temperature possible at least once per week.  Studies have shown that water temps of at least 140 degrees will wipe out dust mites.
  7. Acupuncture.  It works.  Seriously.  Ask Dr. Kori.
  8. Clean up your air.  Get a HEPA filter and change them every three months.  Also, get your AC unit, air vents and ducts inspected (and cleaned if necessary) every six months.
  9. Ditch your carpet.  No matter how often you clean your carpet you simply cannot get all of the dust, dander, pollen and JUNK out of it. Replacing carpet with wood, laminate, or tile can greatly reduce allergens inside the home.
  10. Get adjusted.  A study from the University of California found that signals from the nervous system may influence the function of the immune system. Our immune system fights against viruses and infection, helps to keep the body performing at its best, and helps expel foreign contaminants that enter the body. Therefore, if your nervous system is functioning at 100%, your immune system is better able to do its job.  Allergies be gone!

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