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Are You Hungry 24/7?

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How About a Quick Trick?


Some people are always hungry. They could eat a burrito, or a pot roast and still crave more. The reason for this is two fold, a lack of nutrients or a lack of water.


Hunger pains happen for three reasons.

1)    The body needs calories. With to little calories the body gets hungry and starts eating it's stored fat and protein. With to many calories the body stores the calories in the form of fat in organs, arteries, and between the skin and the muscle. A lack of calories make a person hungry.
2)    The body needs nutrients. People wouldn't drive a car without oil. It should be the same for nutrients in the human body. Without nutrients the body becomes insufficient and toxic like smog over a big city. The body sends out craving signals. These signals make a person hungry.
3)    The body needs water. The body needs water to make energy and rid the body of toxins. Without enough water we get hunger pains. Water is more important than calories. Without water the body shuts down.


So here is the trick. Drink water and eat the nutrients first before the calories. If you eat the calories first you maybe thirsty and the hunger pain you are feeling is not because you need more calories it's because you need water or nutrients. If you eat the beef and potatoes first your body may still be craving nutrients. You  will then mistaken the hunger feeling for more meat and potatoes when a carrot and onion would do. This would not only make someone fat but it would make them toxic and dehydrated.


So before your next meal drink a big glass of water and eat an apple. You will eat way less and feel far more satisfied. Remember, live everyday like it's your last but don't forget that it probably won't be.

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