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The 8 Worst Drinks

The 8 Worst Drinks-Don't Drink Your Calories

The recommended daily value, or RDA, is what is recommended for consumption per day by the average American and include both food and drinks. On foods and drinks that you buy at the store, the amount of each ingredient is listed on the container with it's percentage of the RDA. The RDA for calories for example is 2000 calories. So if a product has 500 calories it would be 25% of RDA.

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), anyone selling food must give the nutritional information of that food. Usually the information is found on the website of that establishment. All the following products have links to the website so you can do your do

Here are 8 bad drinks:


  1. Cold Stone Creamery- PB and C Milkshake
    This shake contain 1750 Calories, 118g of fat, and 140g of sugar.
  2. Baskin Robbins- Oreo and Chocolate Milkshake
    This shake contains 1730 calories, 86g of fat and 217g of sugar.
  3. White Castle- Vanilla Shake
    This shake contains 1330 calories, 33g of fat and 185g of sugar,
  4. Smoothie King- The Hulk Strawberry Smoothie.
    This smoothie has 1928 calories, 64g of fat and 250g of sugar
  5. Starbucks- White Hot Chocolate
    This hot chocolate has 640 calories, 28g of fat, and 80g of sugar.
  6. Dunkin Donuts- Frozen Mocha Coffee with Cream Large
    This coffee has 1050 calories,52g of fat, and 130g of sugar.
  7. McDonalds- Triple Thick Chocolate Shakes
    This Shake has 1160 calories, 27g of fat and 168 g of sugar
  8. Dairy Queen- Peanut butter Malt
    This malt has 1350 calories, 72g of fat and 107g of sugar

The majority of these drinks are desserts or accompany a meal and are between 50%-95% of our daily caloric requirements. People don't realize how many calories are in what we drink. Don’t forget… drinks count when you count calories. If the goal is to lose weight this year I have a recommendation for you.... don't drink your calories.

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