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Resolution Rump

Resolution Rump: It Will Kick Your Butt

We  usually spend our holidays eating Costco sized pumpkin pie and cookies, drinking too much eggnog, sitting on our rump watching hours and hours of football, and being extremely lazy. Emotional stressors are also very high this time of the year. We think about not eating that fifth pizza. That thought is short lived..... And down the hatch it goes. We think to ourselves “We'll worry about it all next year”.

On January 1st every year, the number one resolution is to lose weight. Gym memberships are purchased or old memberships are unfrozen and we start exercising. I went to the gym on the second and I couldn't find a parking spot. I actually had to walk from the back of the parking lot to the gym so I could run on the treadmill. We say “two years ago I could run 3 miles in 26 minutes”. So we set the treadmill at 7 and we run. Big mistake! If we don't fall off or twist an ankle, we finish our workout and feel tired but accomplished. We think “We are right back to 2011 shape.”

The next morning we wake up and wow.....our butt and legs are sore. We have trouble sitting up without feeling like our legs might buckle under the stress of our upper body weight. Butt this is only the beginning. The next morning is even worse. We can barely even walk and now we can't even straighten our back either. Our butt’s are so sore that we can't even sit on the toilet seat without pain.

We see people for massage, acupuncture and adjustments in our office at the beginning of the year, or during at any resolution time, because they hurt themselves lifting too much weight or pushing themselves to hard and too fast. These treatments can help speed up the healing process and are necessary to correct imbalances and prevent injuries butt it is no replacement for following the rules.

When you decide to go back to the gym after a long hiatus from exercise, be careful and ease into it. Hurting yourself is not worth it. Go easy the first week and see how your body will react to the stress of exercising. After a week or so start increasing the weight and the time you do cardiovascular exercises.  Never skip a workout. Making your resolution a reality is about making exercise a habit and part of the daily routine.


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