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Holiday Hip

Holiday Hip

“Holiday Hip”... Diagnosis formally known as “Christmas Hip”

Are you suffering from right or left sided lower back pain with associated hip pain that won't go away? Does it stop you from being able to perform your normal activities? You may be suffering from Holiday Hip.

Over the last few years in our practice, between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, we have noticed a very disturbing trend. Last year we had five new patients in a row and eight new patients in total come into the office with exactly the same physical problem. We coined this problem initially as Christmas Hip but in the spirit of religious inclusion we changed the name to Holiday Hip.

It is not only “the most wonderful time of the year”, but for most people it is the most stressful time of the year no matter the religious belief someone has. We put up lights, trees, and decorations. We stress about presents, family and making everyone happy. We eat and drink too much of all the wrong things. We forget to exercise. We worry about traveling, cleaning, money, and cards.

All of these stressors create major imbalances in the spinal joints of the lower back, weakening the muscles in the lower back and hip, shifting the spine to one direction or the other, and compressing the pelvis on one side.  This compression can jam the joints and cause nerve irritation, muscle spasm, inflammation, weakness in the leg and pain. With excessive stress levels this can happen very quickly.

With Holiday Hip the pain can get worse and if untreated can reoccur over and over again. Of course stretching and icing can help but it won't correct the imbalance. Making sure the spine is in line and in balance is the most important thing. Adjustments to the lower back and hip and mobilizing the hip is key to correcting Holiday Hip. Once it is balanced strengthening the spine and hips are the next steps.

Next holiday season, or every stressful time in your life, don't forget to take care of your body so it will take care of you. Eat properly, sleep well, never stop moving, get adjusted and remember… it will get done. It always gets done.


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Dr. Jonjon

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