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Stretch Library

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Video Time  Focus on
Chest and Upper Back Stretch 2:17  Lower back, middle of the back,
upper back and chest
Foot Stretch 2:50 Foot, Calf, Ankles
Hip Stretch 1:53 Hip Flexor, Quad, Hamstring, Groin
How to Ice 2:02 Wrist, Elbow, Ankle
Knee Exercises 2:32 Knee, Hamstring, Quad
Lower Back 1:19 Lower Back strengthening
Lower Back Video #2 1:13 Lower Back strengthening
Neck Stretch 2:03 Neck, Shoulders
Neck Strengthening Exercises 1:33 Neck
Postural Exercise #1 1:38 Back, Shoulders
Postural Exercise #2 1:22 Back, Shoulders
Postural Exercise #3 1:12 Back, Shoulders
Pregnancy Exercises 2:18 Pregnancy Stretching
Shoulder Exercises 3:12 Shoulders, Neck, Back
TMJ Exercises 2:56 TMJ Muscle
Wrist Exercises 2:15 Wrist, Forearm, Hands



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